jueves, 3 de julio de 2008

RICARDO CORREA AND HANS MICHAEL KOCH-Lute Music from the Renaissance

Lauten musik der Renaissance - Lute music from the Renaissance
Ricardo Correa & Hans Michael KochChristophorus "Entrée" CHE 0046-2

Hans Judenkünig
01. Ain hoff dantz mit zway stimen
02. Mag ich unglück nit widersten
03. Rossina ain welscher dantz
04. Mein hertzigs
05. Kalata ala spagnola
06. Ellend bringt peyn
Simon Gintzler
07. Recercar segondo
Mattheus Waissel
08. Passe mezo
La sua Padoana
El suo Saltarello
Hans Newsidler
09. Ein sehr guter organistischer Preambel

Vincenzo Capirola
10. Recercar X
11. Balletto
12. Recercar II
13. O mia cieca a dura sorte
14. Che faraia che dirala

Giacomo Gorzanis
15. Ricercare
16. Padovana e Saltarello

Francesco Spinacio
17. Recercare Nr. 4 (1. Buch)
18. Recercare Nr. 9 (2. Buch)
19. Malor me bat
20. Recercare Nr. 15 (1. Buch)

Francesco da Milano
21. Ricercar Nr. 51
22. Ricercar Nr. 16
23. Fantasia Nr. 28
24. Chi valeno dir de moy

Cesare Negri
25. Laura Gentile
26. So ben mi hà buon tempo
27. Cortesia Amorosoa
28. Il Bianco fiore

Playing time: 60' 56"
Performers:[1]-[9] Ricardo Correa (lute)
[10]-[28] Hans Michael Koch (lute)
Recording site and date:[1]-[9] Unknown [1984][10]-[28] Unknown [1986]
Excerpts (from original release):[1]-[9] Christophorus SCGLX 73 979 Deutsche Lautenmusik der Renaissance und des Barock[10]-[20] ???


01-O waly waly (trad) (3:11)
02-Come again sweet love (Dowland) (2:14)
03-To ask for all thy love (Dowland) (4:07)
04-Arise Arise (trad) (1:59)
05-Have you seen but the white lily: (R Johnson) (1:58)
06-Give beauty all her right (Campion) (2:29)
07-Curranto (anon) (0:55)
08-Oft have I sighed (Campion) (2:42)
09-Green bushes (trad) (3:54)
10-The low low lands of Holland (trad) (3:04)
11-With my love my life was nestled (Morley) (1:46)
12-Blackbirds and thrushes (trad) (1:50)
13-Full fathom five they father lies (R Johnson) (1:26)
14-She moved through the fair (trad) (2:43)
15-Mr. Dowland's midnight (Dowland) (0:54)
16-O mistress mine (T Morley) (1:09)
17-How now shepherd what means that: (anon) (1:54)
18-What then is love but mourning: (Rosseter) (1:55)
19-Gather your rosebuds (Lawes) (1:14)
20-The seeds of love (trad) (2:48)
21-Fairest isle all isles excelling (Purcell) (2:04)
22-The lark in the morn (trad) (1:21)
23-The oak and the ash (trad) (1:55)
24-Bonny at morn (trad) (1:53)
25-Rest sweet nymphs (Pilkington) (3:42)
26-Gartan mother's lullaby (trad) (1:36)