jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2008


1. The Flight Of The Termite 3:29
2. The Green Fields Of Canada 4:39
3. King Of The Blues 3:19
4. Cold Grey Fairyland 3:38
5. Willie Taylor 3:56
6. Harp Airs 5:26
7. Thousands Are Sailing 3:03
8. Gravelly Groove 3:12
9. Dark Iniseoghain 5:20

Déanta was a traditional group from Northern Ireland, based in County Antrim who played together until 1997, and regrouped in 2008. Their first performance after the initial break took place in October 2008 for BBC's Blas Ceoil series. The band's members include Mary Dillon, Deirdre Havlin, Rosie Mulholland, Eoghan O'Brien, Kate O'Brien and Clodagh Warnock. The band have released three albums on Green Linnet, which blended traditional tunes and songs with arrangements sometimes veering towards a contemporary setting. Kate married Paul McSherry of Tamalin in 1995. Déanta is the Irish word for done or made.
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