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DAVID MUNROW - Michael Praetorius (LP / FLAC)

Michael Praetorius: Dances from Terpsichore / Motets from Musae Sioniae (1973)
David Munrow & The Early Music Consort of London

Lado A
Dances From Terpsichore 1612
1 Passameze (CCLXXXVI) 1:32
2 Spagnoletta (XXVII) 1:20
3 La Boureé (XXXII) 2:15
4 Pavane De Spaigne (XXX) 2:24
5 Courante M. M. Wustrow (CL) 2:30
6 Suite De Ballets 2:45
7 (Galliard) Reprinse Secundam Inferioren (CCCX) 2:38
8 La Sarabande (XXXIV) 2:16
9 Suite De Voltes 3:56

Lado B
Motets From Musae Sionae & Other Collections
10 Resonet In Laudibus 2:42
11 Erhalt Uns, Herr Bei Deinem Wort 8:41
12 Gott Der Vater Wohn Uns Bei 4:13
13 Aus Tiefer Not Schrei Ich Zu Dir 4:15
14 Allein Gott In Der Höh Sei Ehr 3:09
15 Christus, Der Uns Selig Macht 7:36

This LP is separated into two parts: the first is dedicated to instrumental dances taken from Terpsichore, the huge compilation of dances made or collected by the composer. As always with Munrow, we are in front of a festive view, which doesn't lack for poetry when needed (Gaillard or Sarabande). But the alchemy of timbres used by Munrow (Ballet des Coqs - Passameze - Bourée), allows a perfect differentiation between the dances, without risk of lassitude. Munrow's virtusity and sense of ornementation (cf. Music of the Crusades) is also highlighted here (Suite de Volte). The second part of the disc illustrates the art of Praetorius in the domain of sacred vocal music, where he proves his knowledge: all use a great number of voices and often a double choir. The joyful "Gott der Vater..." is here very well put in context. "Allein Gott..." is sung by soloists accompanied by instruments only. A good example of Lutheran liturgy during the 16th century.
Bruno Cornec (medieval.org)

Digitalización de vinilo: José Félix
Digitalización carátula LP (1:1)+ Libreto: José Félix
Edición, corrección de audio y masterización final: Fran Solo
Rediseño y armado de carátulas, versiones CD y LP: Fran Solo

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