lunes, 8 de septiembre de 2008

DÉANTA - Ready the Storm

Ready For The Storm (1994) Track Listing:

01 The Mighty Clansmen
02 The Landsdowne Lass
03 The Lakes Of Pontchartrain
04 An Raibh Tú Ag An gCarraig
05 Hammy's Jigs
06 Culloden's Harvest
07 Let The Hair Sit
08 The Maid That Sold Her Barley
09 Eleanor Plunkett
10 The Party
11 Ready For The Storm
12 The Rocky Reels
13 The Benedy Glen

Bueno, lo mismo que dije del anterior opera en este otro álbum; ni a cual irle, los dos son muy buenos.

DÉANTA - Whisper of a Secret

1 Two Days To Go
2 Willie And Mary
3 The Usual Suspects
4 Paddy And The Bandit
5 Lone Shanakyle
6 Waltz Of The White Lillies
7 At The Crossroads
8 The Blacksmith
9 Cogair Ruin
10 The Druid's Mountain
11 Where Are You
12 Scarta Glen Road

Déanta was a traditional group from Northern Ireland,based in County Antrim who last played together in 1997. The band's members included Mary Dillon, Deirdre Havlin, Rosie Mulholland, Eoghan O'Brien, Kate O'Brien and Clodagh Warnock. The band released three albums on Green Linnet during its career which blended traditional tunes and songs with arrangements sometimes veering towards a contemporary setting. Kate married Paul McSherry of Tamalin in 1995. Déanta is the Irish word for done or made.

Poco podemos encontrar en la web (y menos en descarga) de esta banda Irlandesa de música celta, muy poco publicitada, pero de un estilo parecidísimo a Solas, y también del corte de Capercaillie. A mi me agrada mucho, pero sólo se los puedo ofrecer en mp3.