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GWENDAL - Gwendal

Gwendal ‎– Gwendal (LP) Progressive Folk Series
Vinyl | LOG | CUE | FLAC | Full LP Cover (1:1)
24bit/48kHz: 409mb & 16bit/44kHz: 212mb
Genre: Progressive-Folk | Label: Pathé Marconi EMI / 2C 064-12725 | Release: 1974

 Side A
1 Irish – Jig 2:40
2 An Dro – Nevez 2:25
3 Sopo – Song 2:30
4 Flop – Eared – Mule 1:20
5 Planxty – Birke 3:50
6 Bourée Auvergnate 0:30
7 Deu Tu Ganene 2:50
Side B
1 Me Meus Bet Plijadur 3:10
2 Jackson Morning 2:25
3 Patrick’s Day 2:15
4 Pretty – Brown – Maid 1:40
5 Texas – Quisted 2:25
6 Bourée Saintongeoise 1:12
7 Irish – Song 3:10

 Gwendal and his first self-titled LP released in 1974, in my opinion one of his best works.
Dumps absolutely to the irish-celtic roots music, there was a subsequent reissue of this LP entitled “Irish Jig”, is that this album from start to finish is very good, excellent instrumentation. What would I recommend listening to? Irish Jig, An Dro-Nevez, Sopo – song (terrific).

Gwendal y su primer LP homónimo publicado en 1974, a mi juicio uno de sus mejores trabajos. Volcados absolutamente hacia la música de raíz celta irlandesa, se hizo una reedición posterior de este LP titulada “Irish-Jig”, es que este disco de principio a fin es bueno, excelente instrumentación. ¿Qué recomendaría escuchar? Irish-Jig, An dro-Nevez, Sopo – song (bellísima).
Fran Solo, MMXII

Vinyl rip, mastered and audio correction: Fran Solo
Direct Drive Turntable: Marantz 6170
Cartridge: SHURE M97xE (audiophile)
Capture Equipment: MacPro 2x2 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon, integrated Audio
Soundcard: Intel High Definition Sound
Edition: Adobe Audition CS 5.5 & Amadeus PRO - xACT & XLD (lossless)
Redbook Conversion: Izotope RX Advanced
Silences deletion?: Yes
Equalization?: No
Clickrepair?: Of course
Scans Full & Corrected LP Cover, 1:1
(All included in 300dpi: front/back - gatefold outside/inside - booklet - insert - envelope - labels, etc.): Fran Solo

Vinyl LOG/ CUE/ FLAC/ High definition cover - 409mb RAR & 212mb ZIP

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  1. Vinyl LOG/ CUE/ FLAC/ High definition cover - 409mb RAR & 212mb ZIP

    409mb RAR:


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  2. Uf... este disco me ha traído tantos buenos recuerdos de los años 80'... Muchas gracias...