lunes, 15 de septiembre de 2008

ROLF LISLEVAND - Vivaldi-Musica per mandolino e liuto


1 Concerto RV 532 in sol maggiore per due mandolini, archi e basso continuo
2 Concerto RV 425 in do maggiore per mandolino, archi e basso continuo
3 Trio RV 85 in sol minore per violino, liuto e basso continuo
4 Concerto RV 540 in re minore per viola d’amore, liuto, archi e basso continuo
5 Trio RV 82 in do maggiore per violino, liuto e basso continuo
6 Concerto RV 93 in re maggiore per due violini, liuto e basso continuo

Rolf Lislevand (mandolin, lute), Ensemble Kapsberger

“Rolf Lislevand is one of the most interesting lutenists active today. He has dazzling technique (listen to the last track), an extraordinarily wide dynamic range, an effortlessly infectious rhythmic style, and he grasps hold of the music in a way that makes each piece very much his own.”
Gramophone on E8515

This new release in the Vivaldi Edition sees the only title so far dedicated to the mandolin or lute.

Following the immense worldwide success of the book Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and subsequent film adaptation, interest in mandolin music has greatly increased. This disc includes some of the most famous concertos written for the instrument.

Rolf Lislevand is the soloist here, regarded as perhaps the best exponent of this repertoire in the world as well as an informed and intelligent performer based on extensive research. His disc of lute pieces by Bach garnered strong praise from every quarter and reveals his innate gift for unique interpretations.

“Should you think this to be just one more recording of this music on the lute, I assure you it is not. In his notes Lislevand spells out his approach to the music in detail, at times more for the benefit of those who understand the plucked-string instruments than for that of the general reader and, as one whose mastery of his instrument is total, he effortlessly translates his words into musical reality. These are not dry academic exercises but performances in which the music flows naturally and expressively, with eloquent use of rubato and the occasional use of vibrato as an ornament. … This is a stimulating, thought-provoking disc and in every aspect it is of the highest quality.” Gramophone on E8807

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  1. Hola Sankanab!
    El otro día me baje (gracias a ti) este disco. Ya tenía el repertorio en otro de Eliot Fisk. Creo que no se pueden comparar las interpretaciones (mucho mejor Eliot, para mi gusto). Si quieres te lo mando (aunque no sé cómo se hace).