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MUSICA RESERVATA - Metaphysical Tobacco: Songs and Dances by Dowland, East and Holborne

Musica Reservata - Metaphysical Tobacco: Songs and Dances by Dowland, East and Holborne (LP)
Vinyl | LOG | CUE | FLAC | Dynamic Range | Full LP Cover + Insert (1:1) | 276mb
Genre: Renaissance | Label: Argo ZRG-572 | Release: 1968

Side A
1. Anthony Holborne"The Honie Suckle"
2. Michael East "Poor is the Life" a 6
3. Anon., arr. of a Dowland song "Sorrow stay"
4. John Dowland Pauan a 4
5. John Dowland "What if I never speed"
6. Michael East "Weep not dear love" a 6
7. John Dowland Galliard: "Can she excuse"
8. Michael East "Your shining eyes" a 6
9. Michael East "O Metaphysical Tobacco" a 5
Side B
10. John Dowland "In this trembling shadow"
11. Anthony Holborne "Heigh Ho Holiday"
12. John Dowland "Lasso vita mia"
13. John Dowland "M. Thomas Collier his Galiard" a 5
14. John Dowland "Away with these self-loving lads"
15. Anthony Holborne "The Fairie Round"
16. John Bull "Pipers Galliard"
17. John Dowland "Welcome black night"
18. Anthony Holborne "Pavana Ploravit"

On another occasion I've spoken of the 'Musica Reservata' group and I think very difficult for me to express them negatively. This is old band devoted to early music, which remains cool despite the years, we're talking about a record of the late sixties ... and it sounds so contemporary in its interpretation.
Fran Solo

En alguna otra oportunidad he hablado de los 'Musica Reservata' y creo muy difícil que me pueda expresar negativamente de ellos. Este es de los conjuntos antiguos dedicados a la música antigua, que se mantiene fresco a pesar de los años, estamos hablando de un registro de fines de los sesentas... y suena tan contemporáneo en su interpretación.
Fran Solo

Vinyl rip: José Félix
Turntable: Stage Line DJP 104 USB
Cartridge: Shure M97xE
Mastered and audio correction: Fran Solo
Software: Macromedia SoundEdit, XLD Lossless.
Scan LP + Insert (1:1): José Félix
Redesign and corrected covers, LP & CD versions: Fran Solo

Vinyl LOG/ CUE/ FLAC/ High definition covers LP+Insert & CD, 276mb ZIP:


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