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CHARLES DANIELS and DAVID MILLER-Sweet Stay Awhile, Songs and lute pieces by Dowland

Charles Daniels & David Miller-Sweet Stay Awhile, Songs and lute pieces by Dowland

Tracks: 19. Total time: 63:37
Year: 1997

1. Sweet stay a while, why will you rise? 3:50
2. Cleare or cloudie sweet as Aprill showring 3:20
3. I saw my lady weepe (Lacrimae) 5:16
4. Come away, come sweet love 2:42
5. Semper Dowland semper dolens (lute solo) 3:10
6. I must complaine, yet do enjoy my love 2:48
7. Flow my teares 3:49
8. Shall I sue shall I seeke for grace? 2:36
9. All ye whom love or fortune hath betraid 5:12
10. What poore Astronomers are they 2:15
11. The Righte Honourable Robert, Earl of Essex, His Galliard (lute solo) 1:58
12. Now cease my wandring eies 2:17
13. Flow not so fast yee fountaines 4:29
14. Me me and none but me, dart home O gentle death 2:11
15. Come heavy sleepe the image of true death 4:21
16. A fantasia (lute solo) 5:54
17. Thou mightie God, that righest every wrong (first part) 3:03
18. When David's life by Saul was often sought (second part) 1:27
19. When the poore Criple by the Poole did lye (third part) 2:59

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