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Johannes Schmoelling - Wuivend Riet
Erdenklang IRS 971.160
Hamburgo, Alemania

1 Matjora is Still Alive
2 Zeit (for Stephan)
3 Kneeplay No.9
4 Walking on Wooden Legs
5 Wuivend Riet Part I
6 Wuivend Riet Part II

Johannes Schmoelling (Schmölling in German, born November 9, 1950 in Lohne, Germany) is an electronic musician and was a member of the prolific electronic music group Tangerine Dream from 1980 to 1986. A classically trained musician he began playing piano at the age of eight. By twelve he had begun playing the pipe organ and successfully mastered the instrument so well that he began to play professionally at various churches. By 1978 Johannes had graduated from college with a degree in sound engineering and secured a job working on live theater performances at the prestigious Schaubühne am Halleschen Ufer in Berlin. He ended his stint with Tangerine Dream in 1986 to pursue a solo career and has produced several solo albums as well as soundtrack music for numerous German television programs. In 2000 he created his own record label Viktoriapark records.
Johannes met Tangerine Dream founder Edgar Froese in 1979 and after his successful audition, was brought into the band as a replacement for Peter Baumann thus re-establishing the trio. His first album with Tangerine Dream was Tangram and he successfully performed with the band through many studio albums like White Eagle, Logos Live, and Exit. He was also a key performer during their prolific soundtrack years in the 1980s and has soundtracks to movies such as Thief, Risky Business, Legend and Firestarter to his credit. In addition he performed several concerts with the band at various locations throughout the world.

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