domingo, 15 de julio de 2012


Varios Artistas - Alma del Sur
USA 1992

01. Bernardo Rubaja _ The Hill of Seven Colors
02. Junior Homrich _ New Amazon
03. Rumillajta _ Mujeres y Niños
04. Nando Lauria _ Que Xote
05. Bernardo Rubaja _ Orange Trees in Bloom
06. Gurrufío _ Las Marianas
07. Junior Homrich _ Pantanal
08. Carlos Guedes _ Cactus De Paraguaná
09. Nando Lauria _ Por Aí
10. Bernardo Rubaja _ Celebration in the Village
11. Ancient Future _ El Gatillo y el Armadillo
12. Roberto Perera _ Lands of Fire
13. Bernardo Rubaja _ Song for the Americas

By Deivo

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  1. dear Deivo,
    i've asked your permission to upload here an album of folk music (it's neither Andean, nor Celtic but very interesting in itself). it's Ukrainian singer/actress Mariana Sadovska at her best rendering her own arrangements of the ukrainian folk music (released by Global Village).
    now the time has come to make another proposal: a 2CD anthology of sacred and secular songs recorded at the little Sardinian town Orosei (released by Winter & Winter).
    both albums are OOP and hard to find now.
    i've uploaded them at one well-known torrent-tracker. if you are familiar with torrent d/l, i'll send you torrents to them, if not - i can upload them anywhere at your decision.