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Gabriel Yacoub – Trad. Arr.
Vinyl | LOG | CUE | FLAC | Tags | Full LP Cover (1:1)
24bit/96kHz: 969mb – 16bit/44kHz: 294mb
Genre: Progressive-Folk | Label: Ballon Noir / BAL 13004 | Release: 1978

Side 1
1 Dans La Ville Où Je Suis La Fille Du Fermier 6:52
2 Sandrine 2:58
3 Le Galant Noyé 2:23
4 Petite Porcelette 5:57
5 La Chasse 2:08
Side 2
6 Mon Père M’y Marie 3:27
7 Honoré Mon Enfant 3:38
8 Mon Ami, Mon Bel Ami 4:56
9 Les Trois P’tits Frères De Pontoise 8:18
10 La Tricotée 2:48

 Gabriel Yacoub began his musical career as a guitarist and backing vocalist for Alan Stivell before forming his own band Malicorne. While the band was still at their peak Yacoub released his first solo album, a career he would take up in earnest after leaving the band.

Yacoub has released numerous solo albums in addition to appearing in duet with Marie Yacoub as well as a guitarist and vocalist with the likes of BRUNO COULAIS, MARJA MATTLAR and the French folk band LA BERGÈRE.

This LP is a gift from my good friend polux, merci beaucoup!
Welcome to the Dark Side of the Vinyl

Vinyl rip, mastered and audio correction: Fran Solo
Direct Drive Turntable: Marantz 6170
Cartridge: SHURE M97xE (audiophile)
Edition: Adobe Audition CS 5.5 & Amadeus PRO - xACT & XLD (lossless)
Redbook Conversion: Izotope RX Advanced
Clickrepair with Izotope RX Advanced: Yes
Scans Full & Corrected LP Cover, 1:1
(All included in 300dpi: front/back - gatefold outside/inside - booklet - insert - envelope - labels, etc.): Fran Solo

Vinyl / CUE/ FLAC/ High Definition Cover - 969mb RAR & 294mb ZIP:
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  1. Gabriel Yacoub – Trad. Arr.
    24bit/96kHz: 969mb – 16bit/44kHz: 294mb

    Gabriel Yacoub – Trad. Arr.
    16bit/44kHz: 294mb