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ANGELO BRANDUARDI ‎– A La Foire De L'Est (Alla Fiera Dell'Est)

Angelo Branduardi ‎– A La Foire De L'Est (Alla Fiera Dell'Est)
Vinyl | LOG | CUE | FLAC | Tags | Full LP Cover (1:1)
16bit/44kHz: 263mb
Genre: Progressive-Folk | Label: Musiza / 25369 | Release: 1978

Side A
1 A La Foire De L'Est
2 Les Herons
3 Le Viellard Et L'Hirondelle
4 Chanson Pour Sarah
5 La Série Des Nombres
Side B
1 Le Don Du Cerf
2 Funerailles
3 L'Homme Et La Nuee
4 Sous Le Tilleul
5 Loin De La Frontière

Classical music meets mediterrenean meets pop, and a beautiful masterful journey into the world of ethnic popular music "A La Foire De L'Est" (Alla Fiera dell'Est), based on an ancient Jewish Passover song, is one of the most beautiful songs composed in Italy during the 1970s. Branduardi has a real classical music education and you can see that in the polyphony of the orchestral part, magically evocative of ancient music (meaning pre-Baroque) even if there is here substantial use of electronic resources. Angelo Branduardi was born February 12, 1950 in the Northern Italian countryside in a small town called Cuggioni. Branduardi experimented with a few instruments before settling on guitar, playing piano at age six, and violin as a soloist at the Conservatory Niccolo Paganini. He spent some time studying poetry and philosophy in Milan, but not finding satisfactory answers to his questions, he chose to dedicate his time and energy towards music.

Compilation Notes

This LP is a gift from my good friend polux, merci beaucoup!
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  Presentado por: Fran Solo
Vinyl / LOG/ CUE/ FLAC/ High Definition Cover - 926mb RAR & 263mb ZIP:

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