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GABRIEL ET MARIE YACOUB ‎– Pierre de Grenoble LP

Gabriel Et Marie Yacoub ‎– Pierre De Grenoble (Pre-Malicorne) 1973
Vinyl | LP Cover (1:1) | FLAC | 24bit/96kHz & 16bit/44kHz
Label: Barclay ‎/ 920 429 | Release: 1973 | Genre: Progressive-Folk

Side 1
1 Au Chant De L'alouette 2:15
2 Scottishe - Bourrée 2:54
3 Le Long De La Mer Jolie 2:51
4 Quand J'étais Fille A Marier 3:53
5 Je Suis Trop Jeunette 1:35
6 Pierre De Grenoble 6:53
Side 2
1 Le Prince D'Orange 3:06
2 Deux Bransles De Bourgogne 3:29
3 Rossignolet Du Bois 3:15
4 An - Dro 1:51
5 La Pension 0:27
6 La Fleur De Lys 4:04

- Gabriel Yacoub / vocals, guitar, banjo, dulcimer, psaltery, bouzouki
- Marie Yacoub / vocals, guitar, dulcimer
- Alain Kloatr / bombard, crumhorn, vocals
- Gérard Lavigne / bass
- Marc Rapillard / violin
- Gérard Lhomme / harmonium, bodhran, bells
- Dominique Paris / biniou [Breton bagpipes]
- Christian Leroi Gour'han / hurdy gurdy
- Dan Ar Bras / electric guitar

Excellent addition to any prog rock music collection.
MALICORNE was founded in 1973 by French singer/guitarist Gabriel YACOUB and Marie YACOUB, after having recorded an album together (Gabriel Et Marie Yacoub ‎– Pierre De Grenoble). With several other musicians, MALICORNE released approximately 10 albums between 1973 and 1986. The band's speciality was French traditional (i.e. folk) music, but revamped and updated with a fresher, more progressive format. Besides guitars and bass, the musician's played a wide variety of instruments, with focus on early wind and string instruments (crumhorns, recorders, violins, rebecs, dulcimers, harmoniums, autoharp, saxophone, hurdy-gurdy, etc.) Brian GULLAND of the band GRYPHON even joined the band for the recording of "Le Bestiare" (roughly meaning "The Animals"). Although the vocals are in native French, they are very listenable (perhaps more so than vocals in Italian, German, Spanish). So fans of GRYPHON, STEELEYE SPAN, GENTLE GIANT, PFM, and maybe VDGG might enjoy this band.

The later albums by the MALICORNE are the high points, taking advantage of improved sound quality due to improvements in technology, and also a rockier approach. Earlier albums had mostly percussion and little drums. But starting with 1979's "Le Bestiare", the band maintained a drummer to beef up the sound. 1981's "Balancoire en Feu", and 1986's "Les Cathedrales de L'Industrie" are the band's true masterpieces.

Recommended for those who enjoy listening to atypical instruments, exotic melodies, and folk tendencies.


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