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GRYPHON ‎– Gryphon (1973) LP

Gryphon ‎– Gryphon
Vinyl | LP Cover (1:1) | FLAC | 16bit/44kHz
Label: Transatlantic Records/TRA 262 | Release: 1973 | Genre: Progressive-Folk

Side 1
1. Kemp's Jig (3:07)
2. Sir Gavin Grimbold (2:45)
3. Touch and Go (1:29)
4. Three Jolly Butchers (3:54)
5. Pastime with Good Company (1:31)
6. The Unquiet Grave (5:40)
Side 2
7. Estampie (4:53)
8. Crossing the Stiles (2:22)
9. The Astrologer (3:12)
10. Tea Wrecks (1:06)
11. Juniper Suite (4:49)
12. The Devil and the Farmer's Wife (1:55)

Art Direction – Ann Sullivan
Crumhorn [Bass And Tenor], Bassoon, Vocals – Brian Gulland
Drums, Percussion, Glockenspiel, Vocals – Dave Oberlé
Engineer – Adam Skeaping, Nick Glennie-Smith
Harpsichord, Organ, Guitar, Vocals – Graeme Taylor
Illustration – Dan Pearce
Photography By – Roger Perry
Producer – Adam Skeaping, Lawrence Aston
Recorder [Descant, Treble, Soprano And Tenor], Crumhorn [Soprano, Alto And Tenor],
Guitar [Classical], Mandolin, Organ, Harpsichord, Harmonium, Glockenspiel – Richard Harvey

Excellent addition to any prog rock music collection.
A complex and enjoyable medieval influenced folk romp. There's plenty of modern interpretation.Kemp's Jig isn't a jig. Sir Gavin Grimbold heads off on hies horse with his sword, but the horse returns without the brave rider leaving his pregnant wife and mother with a barn to build and the crops to cut ... Johnson the valiant one of three butchers stops to aid a woman's cry only - part of a highywaymen's trap. he stands his grounds and kills 9 of the 10 before the woman takes the knide form his side and stabs him in the back. A hue & cry is rasied and she is taken to Newgate in irons for klling the finest butcher " as ever the sun shone on"

The Unquiet Grave is a tradiitonal song about a young man mourning over the grave of his lost love.

Astrologer: hilarious harlot playing the maid gets her cummupence and the astrolger gets a crown. Hmm not many tracks have three part recorder breaks in them. A medieval Golf Girl. The Devil and the Farmer's Wife exhibits a similar sense of humour.

I love it. One of those albums that's not just great listening but guaranteed to cheer you up.

An excellent additon .....


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