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CAMERATA HUNGARICA - Vietórisz Tablature

Camerata Hungarica - Vietórisz Tablature (2 LP / FLAC)

Hungaroton SLPX 11577 |FLAC NO LOG Embedded CUE |
Scans (463MB) | (1971) | Renaissance

About Vietórisz Tablature

In Hungary, the central and largest section of the country was occupied by the Turks from the 16th century to the end of the 17th. Only the northern and eastern (Principality of Transylvania) regions of the country escaped Turkish occupation. It was in these sections that music developed in the European sense bringing forth higher forms of art music.
In this recording we can find a collection of songs and dances selected from the Vietórisz Tabulature. This document belonged to the library of the Vietórisz family of landowners from Felsőhorócz, a small village near the Moravian frontier. It was compiled at the end of the 17th century.
With the exception of a few pieces, the musical notation in the manuscript used the organ tablature system of Ammerbach (Elias Nicolaus, organist at the Leipzig St. Thomas Kirche from 1561-95), as it can be seen in the booklet. The volume contains 375 pieces, among them church and secular melodies alike, Hungarian, Slovak, German, Polish songs and dances, and separate instrumental pieces partly for virginal and partly for clarino.

About the performers:

Camerata Hungarica was formed in the summer of 1970 by young Hungarian musicians, led by the record player László Czidra (1943-2001). The number of players making up the ensemble (between 16-30) is flexible and is always determined by the requirements of the compositions on any given programme. In addition to performing old music, Camerata Hungarica specialise in reviving the relics of medieval Hungarian music.
Camerata Hungarica has been concertizing abroad continually since the first tour to Italy in 1973. They participated in numerous early music festivals and gave concerts in a long list of countries, from Mexico to Japan, from Sweden to Sicily.
The ensemble recorded secular music in Buda Castle of the 16th century the first time ever. They also made first recordings from the music of Transylvania and that of the historical Hungarian territories from the 16-18th centuries. One of these recordings, the double album of the Vietoris Manuscript, won the Grand Prix of the Paris Academy in 1975. Between 1970 and 1989 they released nine albums.

LP 1


(01) [Camerata Hungarica] Intrada 1’52
(02) [Camerata Hungarica] 'To Forget my Sorrow...' 3’48
(03) [Camerata Hungarica] Chorea polonica 4’09
(04) [Camerata Hungarica] Dances from the Gdansk Tablature 2’54
(05) [Camerata Hungarica] 'O, Sweet Nightingale...' - 'In the Garden of Rare Beauty...' 3’54
(06) [Camerata Hungarica] Chorea polonica 4’16
(07) [Camerata Hungarica] Alia (chorea) 2’46
(08) [Camerata Hungarica] Chorea sponsa 2’54


(01) [Camerata Hungarica] The Death of the Count - Olach tancz - (chorea) Hungarica 6’51
(02) [Camerata Hungarica] 3 Dances 3’57
(03) [Camerata Hungarica] ’Return from your exile…’ 3’17
(04) [Camerata Hungarica] Chorea Polonica 3’00
(05) [Camerata Hungarica] Dances from the Manuscript of the Krakow Jagello Library 5’36
(06) [Camerata Hungarica] Shoulder-blade Dance from the Linus and Vietórisz Tablature 4§20

LP 2


(01) [Camerata Hungarica] Intrada 1’02
(02) [Camerata Hungarica] Sarabanda-Darauff 4’21
(03) [Camerata Hungarica] (Bergamasca) Pargamasca 1’26
(04) [Camerata Hungarica] M. Praetorius; Der Tag vertreibt… - L. Senfl; Ach Elslein… - G. Rhau; Ach Elslein… 3’57
(05) [Camerata Hungarica] 'Curant' 3’04
(06) [Camerata Hungarica] ’Ach was soll ich sünder machen’ 4’44
(07) [Camerata Hungarica] J. H. Schein; Allemande e Tripla 1’50
(08) [Camerata Hungarica] ’Where are You Going My Heart…’ – ’My Heart is Aflame…’ 2’54
(09) [Camerata Hungarica] M. Praetorius; Ballet - 'Corant' - J. H. Schmelzer; Gavotte tedesca 4’49


(01) [Camerata Hungarica] Intrada 1’58
(02) [Camerata Hungarica] 'How the White Swan Wept...' 3’47
(03) [Camerata Hungarica] M. Praetorius; Courrante de monsieur de Terme 1’28
(04) [Camerata Hungarica] Polish Dances 3’00
(05) [Camerata Hungarica] 'Hagnal' 3’37
(06) [Camerata Hungarica] G. Sarabanda – Sylwyga 2’25
(07) [Camerata Hungarica] S. Scheidt; Pargamasco Varirt 3’18
(08) [Camerata Hungarica] Sstesty gest nestale nema - M. Praetorius; Volta - 'Mascarada - Corant' 7’32

Vinyl Rip and cover scans: Sunniva.
Mastered and audio correction: Fran Solo
Redesign and corrected covers, LP & CD versions: Fran Solo

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