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PLANXTY - The Well below the Valley

Planxty - The Well below the Valley
CD | XLD Rip | FLAC / CUE / LOG |Covers |235MB
Genre: Celtic | Label: Celtic-Folk |Shanachie, CD 1988 |Original release: 1973

1. Cunla 3:58
2. Pat Reilly 3:19
3. Slip Jigs: A) The Kid On The Mountain; B) An Phis 3:52
4. As I Roved Out 5:21
5. Reels: A)The Dogs Among The Bushes; B) Jenny's Wedding 2:40
6. The Well Below The Valley 5:35
7. Hewlett 2:34
8. Bean Phaidin 3:46
9. Hornpipes: A) Fisherman's Lilt; B) Cronin's Hornpi 3:18
10. As I Roved Out 3:52
11. Solo Jig: Humours Of Ballyloughlin 2:14
12. Time Will Cure Me 5:26

Christy Moore: vocals, guitar, harmonica and bodhràn
Dónal Lunny: vocals, bouzouki, guitar and bodhràn
Liam O'Flynn: uileann pipes, tin whistle
Andy Irvine: vocals, mandola, mandolin, hurdy-gurdy and harmonica

This is the second album by Planxty, published in 1973, how excellent music published worldwide that year, the disc is a must. In this undertaking rescue of these beauties, I've the invaluable assistance of two friends: cianfulli and BarrieB, who kindly gave me the covers to reach his original LP and today we've this valuable and impossible to find material. A round of applause for them!
I take to refer briefly to the cover illustration, by Jim Fitzpatrick. Great illustrator legend topics. I've in my possession a book sponsored by Roger Dean (the illustrator of "Yes" covers), which brought together many renowned illustrators in his book "The Flight of Icarus", which includes Fitzpatrick. Generally, and I've said on one occasion, the careful choice of illustrations on the covers one more memorable album envy for those who hold this delicacy in its original LP format.
Ah! the covers, I included a rarity: a cover of the german edition. Shanachie's in poor CD edition and an Fran Solo's edition , as is my tradition.
Enjoy this little gem.

Fran Solo

Cover LP scans: BarrieB, cianfulli
Redesign and corrected covers, LP & CD versions: Fran Solo

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